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We are pleased to invite you to Antalya between 11-14 November 2023 for the 21st International Sports Sciences Congress organized by the Sports Sciences Association.

In order to maintain the privileged position of the now classic congress of sports sciences and further increase its prestige, we invite all our students and academics to share and discuss their most qualified works at this great knowledge feast.


It is known that congresses or similar scientific environments are centers of scientific, social and cultural interaction, as well as opportunities to present papers, open discussions and receive developmental feedback. In this sense, we consider it our duty to bring together local and foreign sports-scientists whose expertise is generally accepted in all fields of sports sciences, in order to provide high benefit and raise the scientific level to the maximum extent. In this context, at our 20th Congress last year, which coincided with the 30th anniversary of our founding, we would like to invite you to the globally meaningful Andrew Jones, Maria Kavussanu, Holger Preuss, Stacey Pope, Ann MacPhail, Henning Wackerhage, Lars Borghouts, Jim Parry, Mark Burnley, Magni Mohr and We are happy to be able to bring together scientists like Konstantinos Georgiadis under the same roof. This year, we are trying to identify new names that you will enjoy listening to and communicating with, and on the other hand, we are trying to ensure that some of them, for whom there have been many requests to be invited again, can be among us again. Our aim is to promote excellence in sports sciences in Turkey and to make the quality level sustainable.


At the congress, the basic fields of multidisciplinary sports sciences "Movement and Training Sciences", "Physical Education and Sports Teaching", "Sports Health Sciences", "Psycho-Social Fields in Sports", "Sports Management Sciences" and "Recreation", education, health will be discussed in scientific environments such as symposiums, panels and workshops, within the framework of science and social sciences data.


We hope to meet you in ANTALYA on 11-14 November 2023 at our 21st Congress, which will be enriched with your original academic studies...

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. İbrahim YILDIRAN

President of the Congress


We attach importance to your suggestions.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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